Yoga Stud Has His Ass Stretched By Masseur


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Yoga guy does some stretching outdoors then orders an in-room massage where the masseur fucks his feet then fucks his ass.

Bearded young stud is practicing yoga exercises outdoors when he starts to get turned on by his own lithe, toned body. The stretches become a little more difficult when his big stiff cock is getting in the way and rubbing against his body. He decides to go indoors and orders a massage to help him cool down and relax. The gay masseur is really turned on by the stud’s body, and after some gentle massaging, he gets his hard cock out and rubs it against the man’s feet. This feels so delicious to the yoga guy, and the masseur is emboldende to actually fuck the manly feet. Then he spreads the stud’s legs and slides his erect dick into his ass, gently pumping at first, until building to a frenzy of hard balls deep ass fucking!