Buff Soldier With Big Ass Teases And Seduces Straight Barrack Dorm Mate


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Michael teases Jesse from the shower with his big ass.

Since the ban on gay men serving in the US military was lifted, tens of thousands of gay studs have signed up to serve their country proud, and to suck some buff Army dude cock! So many hot gay men now serve in the military that it’s even turning straight male soldiers into anal sex gay addicts. Take straight due Jesse here. He’s minding his own business in the bath when he sees his dorm mate Michael Boston take off his combat fatigues, and step into the shower naked. The sight of the buff Michael with his big ripe ass showing is making Jese’s cock grow hard. He has a girlfriend back home in sweet Alabama, but right now all his is thinking about is sliding his cock deep into Michael’s big ass. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to wait very long to do just that!