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Barcelona Kiss – 4K Gay Porn from Dominic Ford

December 18, 2015

Dominic Ford lives every gay man’s dream – shooting hardcore gay sex scenes in the beautiful city of Barcelona. And in 4K ultra-hd! This latest movie stars Logan Moore and gay stud Sergio.


Dominic Ford 4K Gay Porn Movie Starring Sean Duran & Cameron Kincaide

August 10, 2015

Dominic Ford was the first gay producer to shoot in 4K and now regularly updates his popular site with amazing new 4K gay sex movies. In this 4K movie, the master producer films two muscular studs having unbelievably hard gay sex.


4K Gay Boys Fucking in Ultra-HD!

July 1, 2015

Beautiful 18 year old boys sucking and fucking each other’s stiff cocks whilst being expertly filmed by an ultra-hd camera team so you can fap watching this in glorious 4K – as good as real life, this is like being in the same room as these horny gay studs!

William Higgins Ultra-HD 4K Gay Porn

March 11, 2015

You’ve never wanked until you’ve wanked in front of an ultra-hd 4K TV showing naked muscular dudes sucking and fucking each other in never before seen crystal clear resolution. Ultra-HD is FOUR times the resolution of ordinary full HD. Watching 4K Gay Porn is a truly mind blowing…and cock explosing..experience!

4K Gay Wank Party

August 8, 2014



In Wank Party 2014 #4 we have Steve Peryoux, Mate More, Arny Donan, Paul Belonek and Radan Flex. We comes across the guys, already naked and kissing each other. With cocks already rock hard Steve and Arny turn to suck on Radan and Mate, while Paul sucks Arny. Radan the moves round and goes down to suck Paul’s big cock as Mate does the same for Steve who reaches over to kiss Arny. They all look so good as they suck with Arny going back down on Radan as Mate continues to work on Steve’s dick. Then Arny moves so that Steve and Mate can take turns on his cock. He kisses Radan, whose cock is still be worked on my Paul. Steve goes round behind Radan and feeds his cock into Arny’s hot mouth. Radan twists his head so that he can get a taste as well. Everyone is getting a good workout with mouth and cock and then Arny and Radan kneel on the sofa, with Steve and Paul rimming their hot asses. As they get rimmed they each work on Mate’s dick some more. What a great start to a very hot scene.

William Higgins 4K Gay Porn Site

July 9, 2014

William Higgins
is another legendary gay producer, and now he has become the first to film all his content in Ultra-HD 4K. Subscribe to his site and get regularly updated 4K gay porn movies featuring the hottest gay actors in hardcore sex scenes. 4K gay porn is finally here!

4K Flex Fuck – Dominic Ford Ultra-HD Gay Porn Movie

July 7, 2014

Dominic Ford produced 4K ultra-hd gay porn movie – 4K Flex Fuck :

A landmark in gay porn – Tommy Defendi fucks Nick Cross in the world’s very first gay 4K ultra-hd gay porn video. Dominic Ford is producing the world’s best gay porn movies, and now he is filming in 4K. Click the image to find out more.

Dominic Ford Sees 4K Porn as the Future

May 9, 2014

Dominic Ford is the most cutting edge and tech aware porn producer in the world. He was the first to shoot 3D gay content, the first to shoot iPad gay porn, the first to make any porn movie with Google Glasses, and now the first to shoot hardcore porn in 4K Ultra-HD. Speaking at a recent XBiz Conference that discussed trends affecting the adult industry, Dominic noted the expenses involved in both shooting porn in 4K, and watching 4K porn, but still expressed his belief that it was ‘inevitable’ that 4K would soon be the new standard for porn. Just as few now want to watch porn that is not in HD, in a few years, nobody will want to watch gay sex in anything other than Ultra-HD format. Watching two hunks suck and fuck on a big screen 4K TV is an out of this world experience. Start building your 4K gay porn collection now!

Dominic Ford’s 4K Gay Porn Site

xBiz Research Report

Dominic Ford 4K Gay Porn

April 18, 2014

Legendary gay porn producer Dominic Ford is now filming his explicit gay sex movies in ultra hd 4k.  The world’s first 4K gay porn movie was filmed using Google Glass and features two of the world’s hunkiest gay movie stars enjoying hardcore sex with each other.  Watch in 4K on any ultra-hd tv or screen :


Guide to 4K Gay Porn

April 18, 2014

4K is the future of gay porn!  4K displays are FOUR times as sharp and real as normal HD.  With 4K, you are almost part of the scene – and when it is two gay men sucking and fucking, then prepare yourself for the most incredible gay porn action you have ever experienced!

4K TVs are coming down rapidly in price, and there are already 4K monitors available for just a couple of hundred dollars.  4K notebooks are being launched in April 2014 too.

Now lets get to the 4K gay porn…!